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Date:Monday, February 02, 2015Time:05:52:36
Traded On: Feb 01
DateShare Allotment Notice
30-JAN-15 Sewa Bikas: Right Share Allotment
Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd. has allotted 515200 units of 5:1 right share on 27 Jan. 2015. More Details
29-JAN-15 Muktinath Bikas: Right Share Allotment
Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd. has allotted 867451 units of right share on 27 Jan. 2015. More Details
17-OCT-14 Innovative Development: Right Share Allotment
Innovative Development Bank Ltd. has allotted 262500 units of 4:1 right share on 15 Oct, 2014. More Details
30-SEP-14 Rastriya Banijya: Allotment of auctioned right share
Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited has allotted its auctioned right share to the general public on 22 Sep. 2014 (6th Ashwin, 2071). More Details
5-SEP-2014 Alliance Insurance: Allotment of Right Share
Alliance Insurance Company Limited has allotted 10:5.5 ratio right shares to its shareholders on 4 Sep. 2014 (19th Bhadra, 2071). More Details
27-MAY-14 Arun Vallye Hydropower: Right Share Allotment and Cash Return
Arun Vallye Hydropower Co. Ltd. has allotted 3504930 units of 1:1 right share on 25 May, 2014 and money return to non-allotted will be start from 30 May 2014 (16 Jestha 2071). More Details
30-APR-14 Right Share Allotment: Butwal Power
Butwal Power Co. Ltd. has allotted 676846267 units of right share on 29 April, 2014. More Details
16-APR-14 Right share Allotment & Money Return: Siddhartha Insurance
Siddhartha Insurance Limited has allotted its right share in auction to the general public and also refunding money to the non-allottee investors from today (3rd Baishak, 2071). More Details
10-APR-14 Right Share Allotment & Money Return Notice: Lumbini General
Lumbini General Insurance Co. Ltd. has allotted right share on 20 Chaitra, 2070 and returning money to non-allotted from 10 April, 2014 (27 Chaitra, 2070). More Details
03-APR-14 Allotment Slip Distribution & Money Return Notice:Ridi
Ridi Hydropower Development Co. Ltd. is distributing allotment slip of ordinary share and returning money to non-allotted share from 6 April, 2014 (23 Chaitra, 2070). More Details

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